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Sgt. Piper, my husband of 41 years, is the silent partner in this blog. He is my IT guy, I always find you get the best customer service from someone who knows that you know where they sleep.  When I list his best characteristics I always place “great father” at the top of the list. Nature charged him with the task of partnering with me to raise two daughters in the era where girls were told they could do anything, and they did.

Now, the girls are grown and he is happily retired with 5 acres of land and lots o’ critters to care for. He is always firmly gentle—or gently firm. This garners him the love and respect of most of the two and four legged creatures on our homestead-except for the cats-those !@#$ cats have no respect for anyone!

Baby Bunbuns
Baby Bunbuns


Hugs with Fuggles

So besides a little orange tractor (with a front loader), the Piper got a few early Father’s Day gifts. The world would have you believe that the best gifts for a Father are golf related, or necktie related, or sports related. Not so at our house. Give him a Big Gulp mug that will fit in his tractor cup holder, and having it named “Bubba” will offer endless joking opportunities. Give him a machete-with a saw edge- that he can clear fences with. Give him a watch that doesn’t get caught when he is thrusting his arm under a horse to clean a sheath (eew).  My point being-the whole Father’s Day gift hype is NOT geared towards Dads who homestead. Okay, so the pizza oven how-to books pander to the fact that he misses wood fired oven  pizza crust from NY. Me too…Happy early Father’s Day to Sgt. Piper-love you always, big guy.

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