Welcome 2017-Come on in and sit awhile.

A Stranger in Our Midst
A Stranger in Our Midst


We made it. At a few points along the way last year I did not think that we would. But it’s a new year.

Out here in The Pasture we are having a strange winter weather-wise. Colder than usual and warmer than usual and the weatherman is a good-looking, lying sack of manure. Don’t you wish that you had a job like the weatherman? Every possible electronic helpmate at your finger tips, a nice wardrobe and pay check….and you are wrong more often than you are right. I cannot think of another job (outside of the obvious-politics) where you can fail so miserably, and as long as you keep smiling you can keep your job!

Enough. My theme for 2017 will be “HOPE”. I mentioned on Facebook, that failing to believe in “HOPE”, I can still have a nice hot cup of tea.  I have built a fail safe into my new year. Stay calm and drink tea.

What is your word for 2017? I am going to make the Piper come up with something besides “UKULELE”-his new passion. Out here in the Pasture it is bright and chilly and 2017.



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