Where’s the Heat?!?

Where's the Heat?
Where’s the Heat?

We have a favorite joke this summer, out here in the pasture: It’s only rained twice this summer-once for 45 days and once for 22 days…. It has been just a bit over 24 hours since the last shower-and guess what? It’s raining.. .

Look at the list of stuff to do:

  • Finish the new patio. The site looks like we planned on a pond-instead of a patio.
  • Weed, then weed some, then another round of weeding.
  • Put up the garden produce for winter-oh wait-the garden could use a little sun to start producing.
  • ¬†Work on the Book mobile/Tiny Home-oh wait-we need the stove that matches that cute little fridge to go any further, and apparently it is taking Menard’s a month to find a 20inch gas range somewhere-but of course they have taken our money for a walk.
  • Speaking of our money taking a walk, our bank account was hacked in the wee hours of Monday morning. Someone in South Africa is having a really good time with my mortgage money. Someone even had the temerity to call and inform us that our bank account had been deactivated-would we like to reactivate that-right now? We had no outstanding charges. The bank said that was a “fishing” phone call. Fishing?!? I’d love to get that person near a body of water-a nice, deep, secluded body of water, and ask if they would mind if I duct taped this big rock to their outstretched hands….I spend at least an hour a day on the phone with the bank disputing charges- someone in South Africa has had the temerity to charge a fee for returning our stolen money!
  • The grass needs mowing-you can’t mow a hill of clay that is so saturated that it quivers.
  • The dog needs a bath.
  • I need to have a personal discussion with God and apologize for totally ignoring that 3rd commandment. And for being ungrateful for all the wonders that inhabit my life.¬† And for the bad Ark jokes that I keep making.

But-you know what I mean about missing the slam of the screen door as you bustle around taking care of what needs doin’? We are at a slow spot here-I should take the time to be grateful for the abundance of our lives. I promise to change my attitude-check back with me later.

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