White Out, Resulting in a Black Out


Monday night’s snowstorm resulted in 6-8 inches of very heavy,wet snow. Tuesday morning it was bright and oh so beautiful, and the trees were laden with the thick snow. Then the winds picked up a might. And the power went down-for 47 hours. Two days-not so bad. Two nights-split decision. The first night was fine as the temperature hovered in the 20’s, but the second night the temperature plummeted to 13 degrees, and the house dipped into the 50’s. I am using my time now to judge how prepared we were. What worked? What didn’t?

On the Plus Side:

  • The house was nice and warm-as long as the Piper got up every 3 hours to stoke the fire.
  • My grandpa’s Big Ben wind up clock, circa 1930, still keeps pretty good time when the power is out. But it is possible to sleep through the aging alarm.
  • We had plenty of bottled water.
  • Mountain House meals are really quite tasty.
  • That propane stove is an animal! A whole kettle of hot water in a few minutes!
  • The Goal Zero light and the solar charger are excellent.
  • We can charge the cell phone on the Goal Zero, but it will take most of the day.
  • Baby Wipes are okay for a Tart’s Bath.

On the Negative Side:

  • We did not have sufficient water for the horses, but the Piper was able to melt snow in a brewing pot over the propane burner. But that is a lot of work.
  • Piper broke his little orange tractor’s steering cylinder. It needs rebuilt.
  • We have a beautiful Aladdin lamp, and it offers great light,if you have the wick trimmed properly. We did not. And we went to look it up online, but of course had no internet, no modem etc. We need to learn to maintain the lamp. I think we also need a new wick.
  • My Kindle and notebook were not fully charged before the outage=no reading and no knitting patterns.
  • The battery on the Cub was not charged-failure to plan=plan to fail.

So overall, we are pretty satisfied with our comfort level during the outage. It is really amusing to watch the folks who do not plan ahead-at all-scramble around trying to make them selves comfortable. That was mean, but it is February in Rural Ohio-manure happens. Plan ahead.

We will go forward with a plan for a larger solar panel with storage so the piper can keep his ham radio going and I can charge my Kindle. I swear I am going right downstairs and fill the empty 55 gallon water storage barrel that would have made things like horse watering and flushing much simpler. Again, I purchased something to solve the problem, then failed to implement it! My bad, as they say.

So this week was pretty eye opening-Out here in the pasture.


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