Why We are Different

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Have you ever noticed that there are no pop ups on our blog? No in-your-face requests to join our mailing list? No ads selling cheap ammo, cheaper women or cures for constipation? That is because we don’t like running into that sort of business when we visit other folk’s blogs. We give you links to Amazon-when you live as far out as we do-Amazon Prime is the answer-we spend less time driving to the big city, trying to locate items because— we either buy it local-or order from Amazon. And if you click on an item we mention in a blog post and buy it and a few other items-we get a small reward for that. We want to be upfront about all that. In the future you may see a few tasteful ads for companies that we purchase from regularly, but we promise to never make our blog about a 6 figure income.  There is also a link to my Etsy shop-Olive Elizabeth’s. We make a little money that way too. It costs money to keep your domain and buy space on a server. That is where your money goes. We love getting to chat with you a few times a week and really like your feedback when a bit of our nonsense makes you laugh or miss your grandma. We always look forward to your next visit-Out to Pasture.

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