Winter is Coming

First Fire of the Season November10th
First Fire of the Season November10th

I saw the funniest meme on Facebook the other day. It said: Does anyone else wait until the last minute to turn the heat on in the autumn?. And yes, that would be us. We first add thicker socks and a long sleeved shirt, then add a sweater or hoodie or lap blanket as needed. And only when one of us declares frostbite while vacuuming or doing dishes, do we start the first fire of the season in the wood burner.

We heat primarily with wood. We live in a hardwood forest. You would think that I would mention that the wood is “free”, but that is only after you buy two chainsaws, wedges, kevlar¬† chaps, ear protection, eye protection, a gas powered log splitter, a dump trailer and a good tractor to pull the last two. But it is the Pipers’s primary source of exercise in the fall. Other wise, he would just sit in front of the fire and play his ukuleles (that is another whole blog post).


So now we are settled in. There has not been a lot to celebrate lately, but the coming of Thanksgiving should remind us that we are truly blessed and loved.

Really Thankful to Be-Out Here in the Pasture

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