Word for the Day- Grace

grace“Grace” is an interesting word. It can be both a noun and a verb. To Christians, it is a very important word. It is our assurance that whether or not we deserve it or ask for it, we are always in His Grace.

One can “grace” a room with your presence. One can say “grace” in thanks for our many blessings. One can move with”grace” into a room or on a stage.

I have my own definition of “grace”, and I will tell you that it is one of the most important words to me. I think that “grace” is about acceptance of the difficulties in life, and my desire to acknowledge them and rise above them or move on from them- with grace. It is about not alerting social media about every bump in your road-unless you can help others learn or laugh about the circumstances.

Grace” is:

  • Living a beautiful life, as best you can with what you have.
  • Being grateful and humble.
  • Accepting and returning love.
  • Really seeing the beauty in all natural things.
  • Appearing cool, but always working, always thinking.
  • The tenderness in a woman’s touch.
  • A smoothness, a softness, a gentleness.


“A Woman, Full of Grace” is how I want to be remembered when my earthly journey is over. It’s not easy. I’m a large, in charge, mouthy woman who spent too many years in New York, and has seen and experienced some things that do not need to be told. When I am quiet, though, I can catch a glimpse of the graceful woman I want to be.



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