Yesterday I Hung the Wreathes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I hung the wreathes on our double front doors. The wreathes had been sitting in the corner of the dining room for a month, waiting for me to paint the stag heads I had intended to mount on them.  But I just wasn’t on time this year, the Etsy shop has sure kept me hopping! I fussed and fiddled with the wreathes and the buckets of pine and berries that made up our winter doorway. I was frustrated with my failure to get it “all” done. Then I walked into the house, opened the computer, and realized that in California there are 14 people who will not get to see the wreathes on their doorstep ever again.  There are 14 people that someone probably bought presents for who will be missing from their family circles on Christmas morning.


I spent a lot of my childhood being afraid. I worried about not doing well in school and I was afraid because my parents yelled at each other so much. I was afraid of the “duck and cover” situation that might occur. I was afraid of the dark, spiders, aliens, large men, clowns, being poor, etc… It turns out that most of that was not really worth worrying about, and I could not have done anything about most of it any way.

However, some of the things that I am afraid of as an adult are truly happening, and there is still nothing that I can do about these things. It is not an issue of race at this point, it is an issue of just being an American. Some people have decided that we must suffer, and there is nothing I can do about it.

I can only prepare, and ask you to please consider this also.  There is more than one good reason to plump up your pantry for the winter. Please consider filling your cupboards with some foods that don’t require refrigeration or a lot of trouble to prepare. FEMA and Red Cross say to have 3 days of food and water available. I am asking you to gather at least 3 weeks of food. What could it hurt? You would make less trips on slippery streets to crowded grocery stores. Think simple. In 3 weeks, you might eat pasta and sauce 6 times. Buy 6 boxes of pasta and 6 jars of sauce.  How about 6 cans of tuna? 6 cans of soup that doesn’t need reconstituted? A couple pouches of soup or noodles that you just need to add some water to? A couple boxes of instant oatmeal? Instant coffee? See how easy that is? You might have to skip buying a junky toy from China or a cashmere scarf for your mother, but you would have the peace of mind knowing that you could provide for your family if you had to spend a prolonged amount of time in your house. Don’t forget some extra water too.

I do not know why these terrible things are happening in the world. I cannot stop them. I can make a plan to keep us safe and well fed. Take some responsibility for your safety and well being  Please consider securing yourself and your family-I’m asking you as your friend.

As I am typing this article, an alert has popped up on our cell phone. There is a gas line fire not too far from us, and they have closed two major roads.  The car is full of gas, and we have “go bags” packed. There is extra food for all the animals available. And there are maps and flashlights in the car already. See? It doesn’t have to be about terrorists-it might just be a freak fire or the weather or an unexpected illness. Please consider stocking your cupboards before the weekend. You just never know.



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